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Our Mission

The Mission of the FSNSIA is to establish a dynamic non-profit association of U.S. trained security professionals for the purpose of advocating for member welfare, enhancing US and allied diplomatic security, increasing member knowledge and professionalism, and promoting sound international security practices that support the rule of law and the best interests of the United States of America and allied Nations.


Foreign Service National Investigator

The term Foreign Service National Investigator, or FSNI, applies to personnel of any nation who are recruited, vetted, trained and employed overseas by the United States Government for:  

Liaison with host country law enforcement agencies

Conduct of criminal investigations

Security escort

Vetting of personnel

Performing counter-surveillance against terrorist acts

Assistance of consular operations involving American citizens

Other security functions as defined by Diplomatic Security or other designated U.S. government agency personnel


Special Investigator

The term Special Investigator, or SI, applies to former U.S. law-enforcement and other security-disciplined personnel who are recruited, vetted, trained and employed domestically and internationally by the United States Government to augment and support security and law enforcement activities routinely conducted by U.S. Federal Agencies, to include but not limited to:

Background investigations

Physical Security

Technical Security


We are men and women who protect the mission of United States diplomacy abroad, or have previously protected diplomacy abroad. Our excellence in all facets of international security is exceeded only by our commitment to our profession and the rule of law.

We are in virtually every corner of the world and speak most of the world's languages. We seek to increase our professional knowledge through the identification and sharing of best practices, promote security that is both local and effective, and advocate for member welfare. We humbly recognize that there is no other organization in the world like us

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