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Membership to the FSNSIA is limited to past or present Foreign Service National Investigators (FSNI), Special Investigators (SI), and others who have performed global service to the United States Diplomatic Mission. Members must remain in good standing with both the U.S. government and the nation of the member's residence. Any violation of U.S. or your country's laws may constitute revocation of member status. English is the primary language used for all correspondence, but proficiency is not a requirement for membership. Associate membership is offered to international security professionals who have contributed to our mission of protecting diplomacy and promotion of sound security practices and the rule of law. 
General Membership (Voting Members):
Currently Assigned or Former…
Foreign Service National Investigator (FSNI)
Foreign Service Nation Investigator Assistant (FSNSIA)
Post Security Officer (PSO)
Special Investigator (SI)
Investigative Assistant (IA)
Security Officer (SI)
Surveillance Detection (SD)
Regional Security Technician (RST)
Post Security Technician (PST)
Associate Members (Non-Voting Members):
​Currently Assigned or Former…
DS Agents​
DSTC Personnel Supporting the FSNI Program
Other U.S. Agents who have served in a U.S. Embassy
WPS/WPPS Contractors
Guard Force Members (Local or International)
RSO Translators
RSO/DS-Assigned Security Drivers
RSO/DS-Assigned Body Guards
DOD Force Protection Detachment (FPD) Agents

Want to join us?

Use our contact page to inquire about joining our organization.  Our founding members financed our creation so we no longer have membership fees.  

Share your expertise

The member across the world may need to know how you do what you do so well - share your excellence.  We can also become published in our social media, newsletters or white papers.  Show the world your stuff.

Traveler Secure

Our members enjoy free Traveler Secure accounts, allowing them to protect their family, organization or clients with the world's best safety and security apps.  One of many benefits of being an FSNSIA member.

Need a hand?

The FSNSIA provides its members with a vast global network of connections, expertise, and knowledge through their network of members and supporters.  Partner funding contributes to ease hardships to needy members.